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Bellflower, Ca — If greatness is defined by one’s performance under immense circumstances then it can be concluded that Saturday Night’s match up between the No. 5 ranked WestCoast Dolphins and Inland Empire Ducks will produce not only a great game but legendary performances. The 2017 season will produce fewer games that will be as electric as this week two match-up.

The barrage of notable names and Instagram followings rival that of premier NFL players. Hakim “The Dream” Frampton, Champ Brown, and Caron “baby Primetime” Williams to name a few are players whose relevance in the game will shift the outcome dramatically.


WC Dolphins

The Dolphins enter Week 2 Ranked No. 5 Nationally with the return of virtually their entire roster, a roster that lead the 2016 Dolphins 8U team to a Flo League Superbowl over the rivaled Wilmington Pilots. While the Dolphins team accolades are formidable, the personal accomplishments of individual players are nothing short of astounding. On Saturday Night the Dolphins will field a 2016 Flo League Heisman Award winner in Donate “Wheels” Wright and Running Back of the Year recipient Hakim “The Dream” Frampton. It’s no secret that the Dolphins are Stacked with speed and skill players that conjure the whispers of “Whoa Nelly!” however, Saturday Nights match-up against the perineal Inland Empire Ducks will call for all of the Dolphins top players to show up and show out.


1. Play Assignment Football
In 2016 the Dolphins first big game was against the Wilmington Pilots. It was a game the Dolphins lost, but not because the opposing team was superior, but rather because they defeated themselves. An array of big plays were called back due of self-inflicted penalties. The I.E. Ducks are no slouch and if the Dolphins are going to be successful they’ll need to shoot at their opponent and no Plaxico themselves.

2. Big Boy Pants
No matter the level, the game of football is won in the trenches and Saturday’s game will be no different. The Ducks field one of the most impressive linemen in all of the 9U football, John Ioane the Flo Leagues 2016 Offensive Lineman of the Year. Standing at a stout 5’7, 200 lbs “Big John” is no little problem and the Ducks will need to move his frame if they want any success in the ground game. Defensively the Dolphins defensive line will need to be disruptive and get penetration. The Ducks have one of the fastest 9U running back west of the Mississippi in Micah Little. Little, is the 2017 No. 100 meter, 200 Meter, and Long Jump track athlete with top five notoriety Nationally in all respective categories. It will be essential for the Ducks defensive line to penetrate and force Little to run between the tackles.

3. Big Players Making Big Plays
When it comes to listing big time players on a team, the list of players for the Dolphins rolls off like an All-Star team. Forget the Heisman Trophy winners and the Running Back of the Year titles, and you’re still left with more top players than some leagues field altogether. Now, with that said this onslaught of studs will need to show up and show out. It’s Saturday Night Football and next to Friday and Monday night it’s reserved for the big boys. A platform the Dolphins have proven to be built for.


  • Hakim “The Dream” Frampton (RB/CB) – 2016 Running Back of the Year / 2016 Superbowl MVP
  • Dontae “Wheels” Wright (RB/ATH) – 2016 Heisman Winner
  • Darren “The Show” Tubbs (HB)
  • Jaron Johnson (RB/S)


I.E. Ducks

It’s rare that a perennial competitor enters a competitive match as an underdog and In all accounts, it’s just as rare that you speak of the Inland Empire Ducks and underdog in the same breath; however, there’s always a first. The Ducks enter the 2017 season unranked Nationally with a roster full of elite players. Caron “Prime Time” Williams the 2016 Defensive Back of the Year and John Ioane the 2016 Lineman of The Year, lead the pack as returners with notable hardware to their credit. The Ducks also welcome Javon “Champ” Brown and Micah Little, a 2016 Running Back of the Year and West Coast title holder for the No.1 9U 100 meter, 200 meter, and Long Jump.


If you’ve ever watched a West Coast Dolphins game then you know this group of kids can put up numbers and put them up fast. The Ducks

the Dolphins Hakim Frampton.

who have the ability to match up athlete for athlete will need to do more than just match up. It will be clutch for the Ducks top players and unknown stars to shine on Saturday Night. The Ducks defense will need to keep the Dolphins out of the endzone or the game can get out of hand in a hurry.

The addition of new players to the Ducks roster looks amazing on paper. The list of individual accolades that each player holds is nothing short of astounding; however, when looking deeper into the number of years these players have played together the question of chemistry arises. The Ducks will need to establish continuity in a hurry. Brown and Little are the most notable additions to the Ducks offense and it will be essential for them to get into a groove. This game can turn into a track meet or a blow out if the Ducks don’t execute on both sides of the ball.

One of the most understated factors in any game is the coaches preparation and as the saying goes, “if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail.” The Ducks will have the advantage in coaching as they’ll have more footage to review, though the question is will they use it usefully?


  • Javon “Champ” Brown (HB/LB) – Team MVP (Realto Warriors) – from Pop Warner.
  • Caron Williams (CB/WR) – 2016 Defensive Back of the Year.
  • John Ioane (N/DT/RT) – 2016 Offensive Lineman of the Year.
  • Micah Little (HB/FS) – 2016 Back of the Year Finalist.
  • Deveon “Dae Dae” Blaylock Jr. – (HB/FS)


The Flo League doesn’t disappoint with this week two match up. Both the Dolphins and Ducks will field some of the top athletes in the 9U Division. The list of accolades and hardware is exhausting but what isn’t is the list of intriguing questions that arise from this week two match up.

The Dolphins are loaded but how will they manage a list of weapons that would make the US military jealous without being destructive? The Ducks “Champ” Brown is an all out stud, hands down one of the strongest kids in youth football; however, of recent his impressive list of highlights have been brought into question considering his previous years have been played in Pop Warner. Michah Little has world class speed at the 9U level, which means his ability to be a perimeter threat offensively and walk down players defensively makes him an X-factor that can reduce the effectiveness of all the Dolphins Offensive threats.

The Ducks also will field one of the largest Lineman in 9U, “Big John.” While lofty talk suggests that he’s a little problem, the 2016 Flo League Offensive Lineman of the year may have something to say about how disruptive he’ll be. The Ducks will have a coaching advantage considering the limited amount of footage available on them, but the Dolphins continuity and recent Superbowl pedigree gives them the edge. Our call is 16-12 Dolphins in what will be a barn burner.


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