Breaking Grounds

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Los Angeles, Ca — In the wake of the High School 7v7 football season drawing to a close and the 2017 season preparing to kick off, there are a group of young athletes vying for equal attention. While it has been virtually unheard of for kids younger than middle school to receive scholastic attention, Havon “Hollywood” Finney Jr. and Maxwell “Bunchie” Young are two of the youngest football players to ever receive a football scholarship offer from a “major” universities. The announcement of their offers ignited controversial debate on social media and lead to groundbreaking coverage as their stories broke on Good Morning America.

While scholarship offers are non-binding, the offers themselves open the door for both criticism and acclaim. In both Finney and Young’s cases,  they’re guided by fundamentally sound parenting; however, the proposition of offering young athletes who have yet to experience puberty beckons the question, “at what age is it important to begin building an athletes social presence?” In the debate of athletic sensationalism over conservatism the two arguments warrant consideration. On one hand building up an athlete prior to them ever taking a high school snap can result in that athlete being highly recruited; however, the left would argue that it is premature to elevate such a young athlete considering that the “finish line” is so far away.

The various arguments that sound this topic are plentiful and are neverending, though what has no limits are the possibilities that athletic platforms present. While no one knows the future we all will have to just wait and see what lies ahead for these future stars.


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