West Coast Dolphins Upset At Home.


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Downey, Ca — For all the National and State rankings, social media followings, shares, and likes, none of it matters when the lights come on. In Saturday’s National Game of the week match up between the No. 5 ranked West Coast Dolphins and the I.E. Ducks there were more notable young athletes between these two teams than an All-Star team.

While there is little question that these future superstars will come to form, the hype surrounding them beckoned questioning. Would kids game play match their social status? Is Javon Brown just a social “Champ” or is he a true champ on the field? Could the privileged out play the plight and would the weight of the game cause parents to delude the convivial aspects of the game?

At the opening of the pregame chant, the Ducks looked to make a statement that would be heard Stadium wide and at no point did they allow that point to go mute. The first quarter yielded little production from either team, however, the second quarter would tell the tale of two takes. That of the Ducks giving and the Dolphins taking what was being served. Like the stuff of mafia lore, the Duck sunk the Dolphins like a pair of cement boots. The second quarter which produced a heavy dose of Deven “Dae Dae” Blaylock and Micah Little, quickly turned into the “Champ” Brown and Jonathan “Big John” Loane show.

Bookends Big John and Fifta Tauteoli-Moore dismantled the Dolphins offensive line making it virtually impossible for the Dolphins to produce anything more than a loss of yards. In a game that shocked all who bore witness, it was mostly because of the physical way in which the Ducks dominated. Late in the third quarter, there were two plays that defined the Ducks victory the first being an impressive 53 yard Blaylock run that had more cutbacks that bad haircut followed by a Champ Brown touchdown run reminiscent of the Crimson Tide.

The Dolphins showed promise in spurts, once on a forty plus Darren Tubbs Jr. run and a few Jaron Johnson runs. In the Dolphins upcoming games look for OC Dewayne Frampton to get the ball to his elite weapons more frequently. Hakim Frampton (2016 Superbowl MVP) who only touched the ball twice will need to see the ball more often and the Dolphins offensive line will need to improve.


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