The Pilots Serve The Pride a Slice of Humble Pie.


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Carson, Ca — It’s early September and the smell of football is fervid in the air. The simmering smell of snack bars, fresh fruit, and Gatorade perfumes fields from the Pacific Coast to the Eastern Seaboard. It’s Saturday and there is nothing like the sound of Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and the College Game Day staff waking us up to some football. The is another sound that echoes on Saturdays. It is a chant that cripples the listening ears of opponents like a bruising war cry. “Gooo Biggg Reddd – GO BIG RED!” It was a sound that ate away at the pride like a Lion gnawing away at hind leg of a gazel.

The Empire Pride entered Saturday’s match up as heavy underdogs and they played the role. Star players Karson Cox and Michael Counce were muted all game and left the Pride like a wounded animal surrounded by a pack of salivating savages ready to pounce. The Pilots lived up to their name from go. It was Bang Bang Pilot gang from the blow of the opening whistle. The Pilots running game bashed and bruised the Pride to a 30-0 victory.

While the Pride looked to be out of their element they did show signs of promise. Counce showed flashes at various moments in the game that the Pride can build on heading into week 3. The Pilots looked to be in full form, with a running game that will give the greater part of the SCFYFL long nights trying to figure out how to slow them down. Up next the Pride will face off with the I.E. Ducks on Monday Night Football, while the Pilots will face the Dolphins.


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